Living In The Present


Stop clinging to the past…just stop it. Right now. Follow this almighty quote, “The past is in the past, leave it that way.”  Besides there is nothing you can do about it, so why keep letting it bother you.  It’s just unneeded stress that you don’t need in your possibly already stressful life. This has always […]

2017, The Year of Renewal


2017 is going to be the year of Renewal.  It will be the year that we will all follow our dreams.  Follow your dreams, the ones you never believed you were good enough for.  With a new year become a new person; The person you never thought you were good enough to be, believe in […]

Don’t let your Dreams be Pillaged


How many times have you heard, “You don’t have to like your job” or “You’ll never make any money out of that.  You might as well give up.” It’s sayings like this that cause us to ‘Pillage‘ our dreams.  The definition of pillage is “to rob (a place) using violence, especially in wartime”.  So in […]